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Image by Sean Sinclair

Mask Chains By Madelyn 


Our Story

2020 and COVID-19 has been incredibly difficult for everyone, especially those who have been personally affected by the virus. Unfortunately, Madelyn lost her beloved Great Grandfather Burton in June 2020 to COVID-19. Mature beyond her years Madelyn realized there was more that people could be doing to stop the spread and wearing masks was step #1. 


Burton left a lasting mark on Madelyn, perhaps most so with his entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit. Burton worked to instill these values in Madelyn and her mom from a very young age. In his honor, Madelyn decided it was time to kick off her own entrepreneurial legacy and combined her love for crafting and keeping her friends and family safe to develop Mask Chains by Madelyn.

Madelyn’s mask chains have been worn by men, women and children across the country and have made it more convenient for people to easily remember their masks, keep their masks clean during mask breaks, and help to make the world of mask wearing more stylish. 

What started as a “2020 lemonade stand” has quickly grown into an unexpected referral business which has produced and sold hundreds of mask chains in the last few months. It has been an incredible opportunity for a curious seven-year-old girl to display her creative interests as well as learn about how businesses work.   





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