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Madelyn’s Inspiration


On June 3rd Madelyn sadly lost her Great Grandfather and the patriarch of our family after a two-week battle with Covid-19. In Madelyn’s seven short years she developed a strong relationship with Burton. Madelyn loved to visit him and Elaine (otherwise known as “Moo”) to ski, swim, play arcade games, and visit any carnival they could find together. During this time Elaine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Burton’s focus was constant devotion to her care and research into a cure for Alzheimer’s. Despite his weak health in the final few days, Burton was holding hands with Elaine, his loving wife of 70+ years until the very end. He cherished every moment, mundane or extravagant that he spent with her. Burton’s love for Elaine inspired him to become active with the Alzheimer's Association Chicago. 

We will miss his large personality and unique sense of humor but most of all we feel so lucky to have had a front row seat to the greatest non-fiction love story ever written. A portion of the proceeds of sales will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association

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